The Diary of Me
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2002-12-04 19:55:57 (UTC)

Enrique and his okay song!?

I've had a belly ache all day today cuz i've come on my
period. It's well annoying this stupid period thing. i
don't even want a stupid baby i ain't goin thru no
injections and pain just for a baby I'd rather adopt
thnx lol.
Anyway, did i say im doin a letta book with jennie now
insted of hannah cuz she dont seem interested anymore. I
can't believe it but me and hnnah wrote 96 lettas in the
book wow Over a couple of months 2 wow
Ooh Enrique's new song is on
: that: baby you'll say that you want me baby you'll say
that you don't...
It's well good. Auntie Paula LOVES Enrique so much. I
keep collecting posters for her. I wud get her the album
for crimbo but she'll probably get it herself. It's
alright bein n adult cuz if you're proper crzy bout sumet
like wit me its, Jim Carrey (he's so funny), pigs (awww
cute0 dolphins (aww cute) Busted (Awww fit) and Avril
Lvigne (wicked music) an adult can just go out nd buy the
stuff they wnt like jim carrey videos and dolphin nd pig
ornaments etc. It ain't fair. oh well, i ain't in a rush
to grow up Well, dint do much at skool today exept borin
work. Scived music cuz sir set me chloe ruth leah and
vicky cud go in the canteen and "prctise" our crimbo song
but me nd chloe just messed round and so did the rest of
the group. I hate ruth cuz she grassed on me for cllin her
a lesbian, etc nd i had to go to mrs mllinson, cow

Who's been annoying me today?
Leah Steel because she's
supposed to be my mate nd she kept ignorin me and whenever
i sed hi all she sed was wheres dom or shut up minute. So
fine i will shut upI won't tlk to her no more. Not
that she'd b bothered. Leah dunt cre whether ny1's fallen
out wit her.
Mrs. Woodcock has been annoying me too (what gay name)
because i'd dun my work nd she stressed t me for not being
swotty etc. Grrr1
I don't think nyone else hs nnoyed me tody

Six things tht hve made me happy tody? (this is for my self
esteem thing again)

1. Everyone liked there crimbo cards nd the ppl who got the
mobile ones thought they were cool.
2. Kelly Watson talked to me. Wow i'm not really bothered
but i thought she h8d me.
3. Jenny wrote me aletter.
4. hannah talked to me for the first time in ges.
5. Miss Hunt put an "excellent work" comment in my book.
Very rare
6. I went to grandmas for tea.

So that's it for today i think. oh yeah i went to grnms
for tea. it was good but ady shaun and jess my cuzins were
there and imee and olivia totally humiliated me by tellin
them the story of how i burnt my chin. I was embrssed
enuff havin them ask what i'd dun, but then imee and olivi
hd to say, she stuck her hed in the flsk. anyone reading
this wud lff like crazy but i was nrly cryin i ws so
embassed, i was shkin nnd evrytin, (now u know why i want
to build my self esteem cuz i cant even tlk 2 my cuzins
properly) O well, i'm workin 2wards gettin more confidence
and i know i can do it if i try. I looked fter imee nd
olivia for about hlf an hour cuz grandma dropped us off
early so i cud teach olivi this dance nd so they cud make
crimbo cards. Mum's in bed now cuz she's got a hedche nd
she's tired. i wish for once mum was wake and not in front
of the tv or tidyin up or workin but tlkin to us or plyin
wit aimee and olivi we never get tht no more cuz she's
lwasy stressed and tired after work. O well bett go cuz
i'm gunn go to bed. I can't believe it but i've bin goin
to bed at like 8.00 nd fllin sleep t bout 8.30 cuz im so
tired nd depressed. Anway, i'm gettin more cherryer lol,
not cherryer but happier lol. Oky luv ya whoev y re :)
ps. Hv u noticed the A button still ain't workin rite.
It's cuz theres sumet rong wit it and i keep writin 2 fast
lol. you have to press down to get it workin and i just
skim over the buttons. O well, enough detail, lol, nite

Time: 7.55pm

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