Moonwind Dancer

Moonwind Dancer's Shadow of the Nig
2001-08-26 00:42:05 (UTC)

Baby Duck Passed away


I am very sad today and can't stop crying. My sweet little
puppy, Baby Duck, passed away today and we just finished
burying him in the front yard. When I get paid next Friday
I will buy a rose bush to plant over him. I am thankful for
the time I had him and will miss him forever. He was like
a child to me and losing him is killing my soul. i buried
him with his favorite tou and the pillow he use to sleep
on. He was the cutest little doxie/chihuahua puppy I ever
saw. I fell in love with him from the time he was born.
He was the baby of my sister, Destiny's two dogs, Coco and
Brandy. Since Coco is fixed now, there won't be any more.
I have Baby Duck's older sister and brother from Brandy's
first litter. They know he is gone and are trying to make
me feel better. I just don't know what happened. I have my
memories of him and some pics I took on my last roll of
film and I guess that will have to do me. I am sorry, I
can't take this . Bye for now.

BB Blessings