My Reality
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2002-12-04 18:08:05 (UTC)


Ingrates, selfish, consumed with ones own life....i am sick
and tired of people who have complete and total disreguard
for others feelings, emotions, thoughts, financial
standings, and lives in general. I have realized over the
years taht i probably am not the most appreciattive person
out wait i take that back...i am very
appreciative..i know what people do for me and i know the
stress that my parents take on to make me happy and keep in
the life that i see fit for myself, however, in the end i
dotn let that gratitude shine through enough. However, i
make sure i catch myself as often as possible and let
people truely know what they mean to me, because if you
think about it in the end what else do you have but the
people that love you...when you are lying on your death
bed, those cute boots, or cashmere sweaters, or cars or
well whatever else you coudl indulge yourself with will not
be comforting to you....when you are down on your luck and
need a little pick me up some words of wisdom or some real
life advice, only the people who know you and who have been
with you through thick and thin will show you the way, so
why the hell cant most people in this life take note of that

we all take advantage of the people that surround us...we
use them abuse them and leave them with a feeling of
disappointment like their efforts have gone unappreciated
and unnoticed....i refuse to ever let my parents think i
havent appreciated the years of allowance, the years of
nice clothes the years of great schooling, the years of
food and shelter, the years of love and support, and the
years of simply listneing as i bitch and moan about my
life, that seemed to me to be horrible....i hadnt really
thougth about that until parents work their
butts of when i was a shild to make my life comfortable
today, and all i have to do is piss and moan about
crappy is that...i mean i know i am going through that
phase where i am trying to piece my life together and it is
expected for me to be a little displeased with the roads i
take but that isnt their fault...its why do i
take it out on them..they are good to me....sometimes a
little critical but i think thats what makes me realize the
person that i DONT want to be...they point out my flaws in
bold print..they make them noticalbe to the point that i am
almost ashamed, and while yes tears are shed and my lil
heart is broken from time to time, i always see the light
and rectify my ways...

i love my sister...there is no doubt in my mind but i have
absolutly no resepct left for her...she treats my parents
like they are just living breathing currency and then gets
pissed off when they want somethig for them selves...i say
they have both had hard lives and difficult times and its
abotu damn time they get what they want instead of trying
to please everyone else in the world...its their day to
shine, and i feel bad that they have had to wait so long to
have this time...i mean if i could have realized this when
i was five i guess i wouldve saved thema little heartache
but i mean come that really gonna happen....anywho
my point is ...i dont ever want to be anything like her, i
never want to have that little respect for the people i
love and for the people that love me...she needs to wake up
and realize that she i sway to old to be running back to
mommie and daddy every time she needs some money or some
furniture or something along those lines, she should be
covering her own now...i mean i am only 19 and i try my
best to pay for everything that i savings is going
to start me out in a decent apartment and my car is already
paid me....and because i have half a brain i can
keep my federal grant and not fail out of school so i will
start out with a pertty decent job, in either careers that
my two degrees willl come ready to start having
a real life and im ready to live the life that my sister
should have started a long time ago....

bottom line, peopel just need to wake up and realize that
their actions have a huge affect on others...if you dont
call someone and leave them hanging, if you date someone
behind someones back if you lie if you cheat if you steal
if you disrespect someone, anyone in anyways, its going to
hurt them its going to stay with them and its going to
leave a bad impression with them about the person you
are...there are lots of people in the world who turned out
to be something different that what i believed them to
be....dotn be that kind of person...i think everyone
deserves better than fact everyone deserves
nothign but the dont make an ass out of
yourself...let the world know what it means to you