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2002-12-04 17:28:29 (UTC)

verbal slap in the face.

ever been yelled at by your best friend?

it sux.

he didn't raise his voice, but he yelled all the same.

and it hurt.

it still does.

"i'm tired. i don't know why i'm so tired. but i'm
tired. and i'm irritable. and don't touch me."

i'm sorry.

can't let go of one more tear-
can't let you see me cry.
can't let go of one more fear-
can't let you see me die.
don't want you to disappear-
don't want to make you cry.
don't want you to be near-
don't want to make you die.

i don't remember asking you for this favor
last i checked i never said a thing
but since evidently unknowingly i want you to
then please continue criticizing me

"my hair's a mess, my eyes aren't bright
my clothes are sloppy, i'm quite a sight
i bite my nails, i wear too many rings
my eyebrow's pierced, why won't i fix these things
i'm quite sarcastic, i stay up too late
i'm too independent, i need to get my focus straight
i'm really not pretty, my maintenence is too high
i hide way too much, why won't i cry
i deserve nothing, i could be better you know
i'm such a slut, i should be always alone"

thanks again for the favor
when i never said a thing
and though i don't really want you to
continue criticizing me

believe it or not it's not written about my home. not
completely. yes there's some things from dad, but mostly,
they're from...


so, uh, thanks for the ride
i'll be getting off now
i might see you later
somewhere around town
please stop the car
as i'd like to get out
you said i served my purpose
unlock the door now
you took what you wanted from me
left me nothing but doubt
you know, your seatbelt is broken
can you at least slow down
you don't want me near you
but you won't let me go
the pain runs so deep
you won't press the brake though i understand
that you want me to know
you won't let me get out
of the car on my own
you're speeding up more now
neither my friend nor my foe
but you'll press down the button
shove me out the window

and'd like to know who that one's about too. and
you're wondering if the you's are you or him.

only sometimes.

and that's not a yes or a no or even a maybe. just a
thought. i'm not going to answer that question now. i
might later...i wish i wouldn't tell you things that i
didn't want to tell you. i suppose nothing would get
accomplished then though...would it. course the real
question is...would i tell you if deep down i didn't really
want to?

i don't know.

and by the way, you can be plural.

i'm sorry.