Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-08-26 00:11:38 (UTC)


Ahhhh! Why does this always happen? Seriously! I always
end up liking a guy who has a girlfriend? Huh? This always
happens. But what makes this one different? I actually
care. I don't want to be friends for now. I know when they
brake up we will probably get together but I just don't
want it to be that way. I want him to brake up her to get
with me. I won't sit around and wait. I did that before & I
did somethings I regret because of it. I won't wait
anymore. He'll be gone this next whole week. What will I
do? He's making me wait. He told me to leave messeges on
his pager & I don't mind that. But what about me? I need to
hear his voice. I need to talk to him. But I'm talking to
guy with a girlfriend. I really like him & this one I
really don't want to lose. I will do anything to keep him.
Why do I always lose the people I love? Why are they always
taken away from me. I knew I shouldn't like him & I did
anyway. Ahhh! It's sad because I'm just another one who
likes him. I won't let him go. Not without a fight. I will
do whatever it takes to keep him. I won't let this one go.
Even though in a way I already have lost him. I just wish
there were someway for him to look at me. Something.
Anything. I can't just sit around & wait. Remember? Sounds
familiar doesn't it?