Used n Abused
2001-08-25 22:02:38 (UTC)

Just BeIng Me

Hey todays Saturday im trying to type in here before i go
to church.Um earlier today we went to james b-day bowling was cool..lolol then we went and ate at what-a-
burger.then we came home and watched some t.v. and played on The
Sims. Thats a cool game..We arent going to church.B/c brittany
(sis),Dad, ryan(younger bro), billy(my older brother), james(bilys
friend) and Lauren S.(MY friend) went to the movies ,i was gonna go
but i changed my mind and dad got mad...But i dunno. Dad said i dont
find Alyssa's wallet his not gonna buy me any books no I
was like its not my wallet. and if i lost mine no one would help me
find it..but i dunno.. Alyssa probally lost it in here messy
bathroom. Arg! Everytime i try to download "Im Real" it downloads the
dirty remix. So i dunno. I need to fix my picture page and take some
of the pictures off and put some new ones But im gonna go
cause i dont know what else to write! LOVE YA! God Bless!