down in my eyes
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2002-12-04 13:29:02 (UTC)


I have too MUCH to say 'n TOO many emotions, but,
I have too little words to eever completely say it
how i mean it.

"Well, dawn is here again.
'N I can't save myself... No,
I caan't."

I caan't sleep again. It's the 3rd day in a row
i've stayed up past 4'oclock in the fucking morning,
until sun rise. I have a massive headache, along with
my cold 'n misery, too. I feel like crying again, but
I don't want to make my eyes too much more raccoon-ish
than they already are. I'm considering cutting up
acouple slices of cucumber, but i'm not really sure if
it works. I've heard from many tho, that they're
SUPPOSE to help with swollen (eyes), or sunburns.

& I sneezed earlier, 'n suddenly i started getting a
bloody nose. I stood there, 'n i didn't know what else
to do but cry. If feels like i need to carry around a
roll of toilet paper or some form of tissue, with me,
wherever I go. I HATE how i'm FUCKING sick again.
It's been bothering the FUCK outta me ALL day.

SOMEONE, Please take eeverything awaaay.
I feel FUCKING irritated by EVERYTHING.

I wish Rosh was on. He's not- But, it's not important
enough to disturb him with, anyway..

I think maybe i'll just sleep.

"If I close my eyes, maybe It'll go away."

-No Doubt

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