would the world stop spinning
2002-12-04 10:46:05 (UTC)

poetry from tonight

i look deep into your shimmering darkness
and can think of no place i'd rather be.
i find comfort there.
far under your skin
beneth you double standards
below you wants and desires
still i can not reach your most sacred place
where your dreams are made
i want you to notice when i am gone
i want you to fear my leaving you.
i want you to know that feeling..
that spot between hard to breath and hard to think.
i want you to feel like you can't live without me
like you did with him.
still i can not find your most sacred place
right next to your heart
where your dreams are made.
i could drown in the things you hide behind,
i could hang myself with your words,
i could die for you.. would you even notice?