Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
2001-08-25 20:22:45 (UTC)

yo yo yo

Hey Shelley!! I know your going to read this thingy today so
this entry will be dedicated to you. Oh yeah "hi Fernando
if your reading this! DOWG!" N e ways...did you go back to
school shopping today? If you did I want to see what you
got! I think I'm going to your house today. If not I'll
most likely see you sometime this week! I feel so dumb!
Today when I got home, we had tons of company, (both
grandmas, grandpa, BIG john, uncle richie, uncle bernie,
Jessica, ect...) well I saw somthing really funny on t.v.
and I started laughing LOUD (believe me, you would have
too) and then I looked to the side and said, Right...well.
well...ya get the point don't you!
well I'll finish this little thingy later cuz I gotta go!
lots of love...amanda