sitting at the bottom waiting my turn
2001-08-25 20:19:06 (UTC)

new day for new tragedies

i dont have much to say. i have another diary but that one
is for ranting and nonsense.im sitting in Easy Everything,
this huge internet center in times square, cause the phone
company fucked up and confused a $500 unpaid bill with a
$5000 unpaid bill. so my $500 check went to break a chunck
out of the 5000. now i only owe them 4500 more. stupid
people. for some reason i thought last night was a good
time to lay in some grass clippings and stare at the stars
and cry. its not something i can do often, but when you
only have one thing in life going for you, and youre bound
to fuck that up, moments like that are invaluable. shes
really all i have. i think im going to get a job here. i
interview on monday. i get to wear an orange shirt.