would the world stop spinning
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2002-12-04 08:42:47 (UTC)

poetry from nov 29th

i think about you sometimes,when the sky starts to gloom,
just before dusk.
i think about how you used to gime me a good talking to,
whether i needed it or not.
shake a bit of sence to me,just when i needed it the most.
i wonder sometimes, if you knew exactly what you ment to me.
i wonder sometimes, would things be the how they are now if
you were still here.
this time of year seems to be a little less bright without
i would pay, whatever the cost to have..
one more laugh, one more complaint, one more look.
i would pay, whatever the cost to have..
one more day, one more hour, one more moment.
they say all heals with time, so why does this cut seem to
get deeper.
this time last year i thought i owned the world
you were the only thing that kept me from tripping
while my head was in the clouds, where are you when i need
you now...
who will be there to show me i'm not as small as i think i
why aren't you in that place i need you to be?
who will be the one to show me i'm not as big as i am?

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