lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-12-04 06:24:31 (UTC)

she wants a riot...

actually, she doesn't...but apparently she got one
anyway. the boys got in some stupid fight on sunday
and it was gay and i DON'T want to hear about it and
i'm not mad at anyone and i'm not defending my
boyfriend and i'm not attacking my
that sounds SO dramatic. hahaha. well, anyhow...for
some reason my parents gave ME a lecture on
this...because it's obviously my fault if my boyfriend gets
in a fight and leaves church cussing. oh my word. i
hate profanity. it's so unnecessary. argh. but he never
cusses around yeah. it's dumb. but just the
fact that i said the whole sentence about having a
boyfriend who stupid me.

and then i got a lecture from my parents about the guys
peeling out...and how joe could have hit a pedestrian
tonight...and if the outward signs show the guys are
irresponsible, what's gonna make him want to hand
over his sixteen year old daughter to hang out with any
of them. and if he finds out that i "drive like that"
(translation: peel out of parking lots at a speed higher
than 5 mph), i'll lose my driving privileges for "a
minimum of 2 weeks"...okaaaay.

i love these guys...all of them. once again my dad
wants me to stick with all girls or something...i don't
know. has he been acquainted with any girls? yeah
that's what i thought...