Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-08-25 19:42:35 (UTC)


I haven't written in a long time. I've just been too lazy,
plus my computer broke down for a bit.

I went to Rachels last Monday for 3 days. My sleeping
schedule became completely thrown off with the whole go to
bed at sunrise and wake up at 4 deal. lol.

On Thursday night I went to Jess's house with Kelly and Di
for a drinking night. It was quite fun, but I outdrank
myself for sure. I always underestimate how much I've had.
At 1am, Diana went home and Jess went to bed. Kelly and I
were left downstairs talking about our lives and having a
mourning fest lol. Then we wrote eachother notes. We were
so gone, they came out hilarious. I am going to type
Kelly's out because I want to save it here, it was too

" Lindz,
It's time for your note. You're drawing a picture for me,
I don't know. Let me take a quick break to sleep- I am not
high. I am just drunk. It's nice. I'm so fucked up, I don't
know what's going on! Johnny Jacks! Yeah! Ok Lindz, I love
you, yeah we're lesbians and fuck when we have sleepovers,
yeah (she said this because my mom thinks that I am lesbian
lovers with Kelly b/c we have so many sleepovers, even
though Kelly is straight and she's the last person I would
do anything with lol) We just tried to sing Nelly Furtado
it just didn't work e're too fucked up. I love you man you
are my beautiful sista , you are my soul mate...who cares
if we are lesbians or not you are part of my life and I
love you forever. We just need to get some good guys to
fool around with when we are drunk so i can get play and
you can forget Eric. Nicotine is my best friend (Um I don't
know where that came from, Kelly hates cigarettes lol)
"I'm mumbling you're peeing, i'm so fucking fucked. vodka
man , I can't live. I love you, we can all have a 4-some
w/ girls and we love eachother. I am so glad you introduced
me to Jess and Diana, you're all my sisters. I love you
all. I'm going to bed
Love Kelly "

I just thought that was funny, because she is Ms. Catholic
school straight-A- kind of conservative girl. I think your
true self comes out in drunkness, lmao. I think she might
be a closet bi, she is always going on about how beautiful
Gwen Stefani is.

Anyways. Ugh, I have to work soon. I don't want to. School
starts soon. I hate it.

Thats all for now!

SATC QUOTE : I don't know I havent seen it in forever!