champagne supernova
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2002-12-04 05:02:19 (UTC)

the love birds on the green fuzzy couch

wow... 16 getting there ya' cat wait.. im
just getting a atd bit more nervous about flying as the
days go by.... i mean... wow... there expecting to take
thousands of knives from people tryingto board planes,,,and
u all know how terrifyed i am of knives..and they arrested
6 people in differnt airports around the us for possesion
of a gun in an airport...and that is scary enough...but one
of the arrests had to be at the airport im flying into in
dc didnt it? ...washington dulles...uggg..ill be ok... im
just going to try to sleep on my way there so im not so
paranoid. i mean im going to be so nervous about seeing
bobby..and now i am just plane scared of flying....oh well
i spose i will live....maybe.ha..just kidding. anyways all
i guess i just want to let u all know i love u ..and sorry i cant make ur dinner sure it
will be so great some dessert for me ok love u
guys ...see u at school...

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