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2001-08-25 18:38:22 (UTC)

Aug 25, 2001 Well Im back from..

Aug 25, 2001

Well Im back from Toronto. I had such a good time, although
Im was starting to get sick of Ned... he can be a bit much at
times. Oh well, he is cool because he went willingly to the
Moffatt concert. The concert was amazing. I had 3rd row
center seats, fabulous view. I really got into the show too!
Ottawa was really good too, but not quite like Toronto.
Toronto was the best concert I have ever been to! I noticed
that they seemed to be having more fun in Ottawa, I guess
because it was a fun show, no pressure or anything. They
could fool around and stuff. Scott didnt do his *chugga
chugga* thing, I was dissapointed. I almost cought a
drumstick too! ALMOST dammit!

Now here is where I complain. Mom and Dad drove me and Rachel
to Ottawa for the 7:30 show and made us come back at 10! I
dont know why they didnt let me drive,why dont they trust me?
Im a good driver. SO, I didnt get to meet the Moffatts in
the autograph line. My parents knew that there was going to
be an a/g line, but are fucking asses! Why are they so mean?
I get to see my favourite band in the whole world,and chance
to meet them again and my parents wouldnt let me :( Im so
sad. I had decided a while ago that if I am going to kill
myself I should do it right after the moffatt concerts. Well
I want to. I cant think of a reason why I should stay on
this planet. But Im so scared. I know I am too much of a
chicken shit to but... Im so unhppy. Im never going to be
anything more than what I am which is nothing. My parents
made me cry last night.. not just because I didnt get to meet
the Moffatts, but because they were being mean about it. THe
way they dont understand or care about my life. Its not
because I didnt get to meet the Moffs that I cried, it was
because my parents wouldnt let me. Im crying again, I feel so
hated (?), alone (?)....