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2002-12-04 00:36:45 (UTC)

Better let the bush grows - artificial flowers

It is better the bush grows. Because to cultivate artificial
flowers is much expensive. If they are not cared a week they
would dry. The native bush grows in compass with nature.
People that really minds about you are the good.
To try to create friends from people that does not like you.
People that becomes your enemy after a week away from you.
And always they are not happy with you. They are not good.
It is better to cultivate friendship with people that minds
about you and respect you. It will make things better.
Well today I noticed that workers are not loyal to job at
buildings in my home town. It had been noticed for years.
But today I went toward it. I was after noon talking to a
little girl friend of me. Some janitor that is an worker
manager of her building said to worker painter. The worker
painter looked at me with disdain. I called the janitor to
let worker painter to go out. He could talk to me better
in street. They dissimulated and did not go. I told them
that it is not an action of a man. He became angry but did
not go out. Well I know there is not tomorrow. They do not
pass of cowards. The workers envied me. And tried to make
rumours. It did not work because I challenged them to proof
themselves against me. They loosed and showed to every people of that building that they are just cowards and
rumour making and envier of people that lives and commands
buildings in my home town. After the time passed they went
to city train and went to their houses. And left our lives
in my home town in peace. I am a winner. I was just a champion and a hero. Now I am a winner too : )
Better days for me and my truly friends. I am almost fixed
the micro of that neighbour. I found old blaster to put in
micro and make it flies over internet.