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2002-12-04 03:04:16 (UTC)

What To Do....

What a day it has been. Between friends and guys I don't
know where to start. One thing I don't understand is how
one day your maddly in love with someone and then it's just
gone. To me that makes no sense...esp. when its your 1st
love. It has nothing to do with me and my love life, but my
best friend (Jen) is in pain right now and I cant do
anything about it. Do you know how much that hurts? She
honestly, means the world to me, and to think that someone
she loved/loves is hurting her (and they arent even
together) Guys are such assholes... I swear sometimes
they just think with their cocks AT ALL GUYS THOUGH Some
are actually out there looking for that person who they can
love for who they are....WHERE ARE THEY....I HAVE NO IDEA

Oh..wait...I must say...I do know a guy who actually
likes someone for who they are...This guy CJ I am talking
to, I guess you can say. Its amazing how when I'm with him
I just feel so good and just like I can do anything and he
won't judge me. I just wish he was MINE LOL He's so
sweet, cute, fun, sexy...and know all the rest

Well I'm going to go, my friend just called me and I
need to talk to her...hey any advice on the guy meter, just
write me....BYE Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day