2001-08-25 18:06:19 (UTC)

Artistic Vision

I don't get why people get so fraked seeing a skull, or if
they see the image or painting of a skull they think it
immediatly means death.

To me it is like the metal of a car. A frame which holds
flimsy pieces together.

beautiful art work.

The skull is finely crafted. In any shape or form..

Sometimes you need to be artistic to see the beauty of such
strange and unsual things. To me almost everything is
Not always the man-made things, such as cars, and buildings.
A friend of mine feel asleep and stayed there till 5 am in
the morning when woke him up.
But while he slept.. from 12-5 am I just drew portaits of
him. I think i shall put them up in the images section of
my website.
I love drawing people whiel they're asleep. They hold such
beautiful poses. Some look tried in their sleep. Some look
perplexed. Its strange.. how people can look when their

My eyes are tired, I want to shut them and just fall asleep
but i need to go somewhere around 4 and if I sleep I know i
wont wake up till later tonight.

its 11:16 around lunch... I still havent eaten yet. My
stomach has been growling but i dont feel hungry.. it just

Im wondering if I should add my pictures to my website..?
what do you think? Should I?