humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-12-04 02:55:21 (UTC)

to bad he's blind

Jewels121085: can i ask u something and have it not like
screw anything up?
FriArHckY86: no
FriArHckY86: jk jk i dont care shoot
Jewels121085: lol ok- just dontl ike freak out or
anything cuz whatev the answer i promise i wont like freak
out - do u like me? and i mean like like me? or are we
kinda doin the "friends w/ benefits" thing? ( when i ask if
u like me that does NOT mean like have to have a
relationship cuz i dont want that, just mean
like...whatever just answer)

FriArHckY86: i dunno
Jewels121085: lol
FriArHckY86: like i dont want a relationship thats for
Jewels121085: yeah neither do i
FriArHckY86: but i dunno how i feel
FriArHckY86: like i do but not how to say it
Jewels121085: well u can be honest- im not gonna be like-
oh you asshole or anything cuz i was the one that wanted to
know so i cant like get pissed that u were honest ya know
FriArHckY86: right now i dont like anyone, i like gettin
fucked up and havin a good time, but its not that i dont
like you but i wouldnt say like like
FriArHckY86: with the 2 likes
Jewels121085: so we're pretty much just like friends with
benefits right? like same thing me and matt were?
FriArHckY86: i have no idea
Jewels121085: lol
FriArHckY86: i dunno what you wnat me to say
Jewels121085: i want you to say the truth- its not like a
trick ?- easy english- r we friends that screw around and
only that? or are we friends that screw around but its a
lil bit more then that but NOT a relationship?
Jewels121085: just dont like freak out- i didnt want to
ask cuz i didnt want to make anything weird but i wanted to
ask cuz i wanted to know and i prolly shouldnt have but its
to late now cuz i did and so all i want is the truth and it
wont piss me off or change anything- thing's will stya the
same for now unless u say otherwise
FriArHckY86: like right now im not big on liking girls
like more than that whatever that means cuz i dunno i just
wanna have fun for awhile
Jewels121085: pat- it would have been easier for u to
just say "friends that screw around"- that wasnt meant to
like make u think i was expecting anything out of u- becuz
im not - i dont ever expect anything from guys unless they
promise it- i was just wondering- and thats fine becuz i
havent had a realtionship in a long time, like a year and i
dont want one- i've been happy being single and being able
to have fun and thats all i want right now too so dont
like be weird that i asked u that
FriArHckY86: its cool, i just feel bad
Jewels121085: y
FriArHckY86: bc i dunno
Jewels121085: well dont- i never expected the answer to
be just like YES JULIE I LIKE YOU- so its fine- i told u- i
dont expect things
Jewels121085: so dont feel bad
FriArHckY86: aight thanx
Jewels121085: thank u for being honest