silent thoughts........
2001-08-25 17:02:44 (UTC)

Rants And Raves

Im not able to voice my opinions like some people,to sum it
comes naturally to them,im not one of the naturals.I tend
to hide behind things,i need to learn how to stand up for
myself,and tell the truth.i never thought life would be how
it is,i think at times i have made my own life hard, and
its up to me to change all that.I have often wondered what
he gets up to,and my mind wanders alot and tends to get
carried away with things at times ,but to me its with good
reason.I really dont know if things are right between
us,meaning i dont know if he is screwin round its hard for
me to think otherwise.i dont think its all my fault
neither ,nor do i blame him totally either,but he never
talks to me bout things,i have gotten to a point that i
honestly dont know if he is tellin me the truth or fuckin
with me......i just cant tell......its not very often that
the gentle carin side comes out,but when it does i know
that hes the one i fell in love with all those years
ago,and all the