Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-25 16:55:45 (UTC)

Rock Hill alumnus....

Today... today was a very busy day. I had to get up very
early this morning cause I had to be at work by 7:30. So, I
go to work and like always, it was hectic. I do believe
this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a headache from
working there, but something tells me... it definitely
won’t be the last time! I swear, I feel like a teacher or
somethign... all I do is just sit there... constantly
yelling and tellin the kids “Get off this... stop doing
that... don’t climb on that.” It is sooooo tiring.

So I get home about 5:00 and I call Beck to see if she
wants to go to the football game (PS- I love football). She
said she did, and since it was an hour away... I had to
hurry up and take a shower and get ready so I could go get
her and still get to the game on time. I followed my dad
cause I wasn’t sure where it was... but now, I think I
probably coulda found it easier if I had not followed dad!
haha:) He had to stop at a gas station and “make sure” he
was going the right way. Yeah right, he had no idea where
it was. It was funny:)

Anyway, we finally make it to the game... right after
opening kick off. Me and Beck went up to sit with Clara and
Joe (Sam’s parents.. and Becky’s aunt and uncle). It was so
weird to be there. I was lookin around... and I saw like, 2
of my friends that I had graduated with... and it was just
odd to be at a football game without my friends being
there. It was also really weird to see number 5 and know
that it’s NOT Gabe, to see number 42 and know that it’s NOT
Johnny, number 12 was NOT Travis... and so on. Just too
weird. I had the feeling like, “Hey.. that’s Gabe’s
jersey... what are you doing wearing it??” But, anyway...
the game was really good, and I was really impressed at how
well the team did. Seriously.. I mean, last year we had a
record of 2-10 if that tells ya anything. I was sooo pumped
to be there (I love football) and the atmosphere and
everything... it was great. One play that I have to say was
the highlight of the game is when James was running for the
end zone and he was just dodgin those guys like crazy! Near
the 20 yard line, a guy from the other team looked like he
was about ready to get James and bring him down... but,
what did ‘ol James do? He makes an awesome cut back and
gets away... and goes on to score!! It was so awesome... I
was very pleased. (Did I mention I love football?) So..
despite the best efforts of the team... we ended up
losing.. by one lousy point. 20-21 was the final score...
but even tho we lost... it was still a really good game,
and I’m glad I saw it.

One more “highlight” of my day was gettin my yearbook. I
was soo excited, I’ve been waiting for this forever.. and
when mom brought it home, it was like Christmas:) I was
really pleased with it... it turned out really well.. even
tho there are 3... 3 different pics of me making “silly
faces”. Jennifer said she put them in there to embarrass
me.. but... come on, it’s me. I do’nt get embarrassed... at
least not over stuff like that. I thought it was pretty
funny myself! haha:) It was weird lookin at the yearbook
tho... kinda like how it was weird being at the football
game. It just felt like... this wasn’t my school... and
that I didn’t belong. Lookin at all those pics of me and my
friends in the yearbook... I kept thinking “Why are there
pics of us in here? We don’t go to that school anymore” It
just feels like high school was soooo long ago.. and it’s
hard to sit there and think “Oh yeah, that was just last
year” It’s just... odd. I dunno... not being in high school
is something I gotta get used to. Instead of being a
student.... I’m now an alumnus... right Beck?? haha:)
Yep... part of the good ‘ol Rock Hill alumni....that’s me.