2001-08-25 16:04:43 (UTC)

August 25th.....DRAMA!......

I tried to put my entry in yesterday, but the thing was
messing up. Well, hopefully I remember all of what I put
yesterday. Anyway, Friday started off like any other day. I
went to school and it was boring as ever...until lunch.
Antonio sits at the same table as me. Well, when he came to
the table, he threw his hand at me....it was like a gesture
of disgust. So, I was just kinda shocked about it. I went
up to him and asked him what was wrong and what did I do.
He just kept saying nothing. I mean, what was I suppose to
do about it? To this moment, I don't know what I did. I
kind of know what it has to deal with though. Okay,
his "girl", Dana, came to our lunch...which she's never
done before. I guess she called herself checking up on him.
It's just weird because Thursday was so cool for me and
Antonio. I'm trying to figure out what happened. I had a
dream about it.....the reason he was mad at me was because
Dana told him that I said something that I didn't. I don't
know how true that is to reality, but I know it has
something to do with HE SAY-SHE SAY. Another thing, I would
tease him and call him "D.Ford" and he would always
say, "What are you talking about?" NOW, when he is called
that...he's like, "FO SHO!" Ummmm...I don't know man! This
is some messed up shit though. I don't care to a certain
extent. First of all, me and him were just friends and it
wasn't like we were doing stuff together. The fact that me
and him may never be cool after this is fucked up. See, I
know Dana said something. She is stupid like that. A little
competition comes along and she has to lie to put herself
ahead. UMMMM....a mess! But it's cool though because I
didn't want anything from Antonio....just a friendship. I
guess more things will happen when Monday rolls around. I
have a feeling that this isn't the last of this. I see me
and Antonio talking about this eventually, but I know it's
going to be a while. I just wish he wouldn't act like a
female about it...just come to me and ask me. Don't go by
what someone else says. Especially someone who is full of