Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-12-04 00:27:45 (UTC)

The Hotnight's on a cold one...

So it's 7:20 and im still at work. I figured i'd do another
entry because im absolutely wild and crazy like that, oh
yeah and because im busy burning the Sahara Hotnights cd. 5
pretty ladies from Stockholm sweden that make alot of noise
and date hives. Im trying to think of anything that is
pressing to tell the hordes that read this thing. Oh...Matt
Got new shoes. So we'll take a moment of silence for
the "banana boat" white adidas shelltoes. Jon wore
abercreez and Feez the othernight. i almost personally
kicked him out of the band. Then he reminded me that im
using his guitar half of the time and totally redeemed
himself. Have a goodnight