De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-08-25 13:01:14 (UTC)

Mid Term Break

Saturday 26/08/2001

5 weeks have passed since school started..and i've been
here for almost 2 months!! well.. time's been flyin since
i've arrived here and it's already mid term break...

the bunch of us, YL, SeYan, Zhaoming, Hua Gang, Huiwen, and
her 3 friends from Victoria Hall...are plannin to tour the
North Island of New Zealand..

the rough itinerary is like this:

we'll go to Mount Whakapapa to ski for 2 days, then head to
Lake Taupo (a volcanic lake, which is bigger than
Singapore) , and after to Rotorua, a city with Maori
culture and many spas!!

Prob will last from Sunday to Friday... so won't update so
much... will have plenty to update when i'm back though!!

so i'm off to a nice trip!! cya all verie soon!!