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2002-12-03 22:01:44 (UTC)

Lust or Love

Lust or love the truth be told
Love a feeling to not be on hold
Lust a longing so far and bold
Love a lifetime worth waiting for
Lust comes and goes with even strangers Im told
Love conquers all
Lust just damages
Love sees truth
Lust hides the unknown
Love is within
Lust is without
Love is so true inside and out
Lust is a passing far and wide
My feelings for you I can no longer hide
Lust to love could it be?
Is it possible for me to see?
The depths of my soul I bear with you for lust is no longer
I know now
Im in Love with you.
Fear this not and let it flow
Watch as our passion and magick begin to grow.
You will see the one true me and I see you the one true you
Holding hearts, minds and souls forever
Together we must for there is no way for this feeling to be