~My own thoughts~
2002-12-03 21:39:28 (UTC)

Love and the ability to feel.

A chief event of life is the day in which we have
encountered a mind that startled us.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I was as a gem concealed;
Me my burning ray revealed."
-- Koran

We as a whole are an incredible species. Not only capable
of incredible emotion, we possess the incredible ability
to feel. Though sometimes turbulent and trying, the
ability to feel captures the shear essence of the soul
within us. As a whole, we can learn much from "listening"
to our inner emotions. We all to often take this ability
for granted.

How often do you appreciate your ability to feel?

"Lost am I in a moment, so ravishing.
An unprecedented state of conscious.
For the words of mine heart escape though a touch, a
passionate kiss, and return to my body in equal fashion."
-- Tommy kreamer

Of all the emotions one can portray, love is the most
misguided. With contrast to anger, it is not pulsive, its
true form is a virtual unknown. Love's true face lies
within the soul it consumes.

True love is the most consuming of all human emotion.
Where anger, spite, happiness, and joy can fade and return
on a whim, true love remains constant, unchanging, and
true to your own spiritual form.

As a whole, we all too often take these emotions for
granted. Just as the youth of a child, nothing stands the
test of time (on a physical sense)

In all due time, we will parish, wither away back into the
endless cycle of life.

What will you think
What will you feel moments from your last breath.

Will your heart be secure, or will it lay uneasy.

Our thoughts, emotions, and feeling's give us an important
drive in life. Verbal and non verbal, they effect us subliminally
and consciously.

"For one who takes these gifts for granted hath already
plummeted into thine own shallow grave"
-- Tommy kraemer

Till next time

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