Up here the light
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2002-12-03 21:23:31 (UTC)


eating a stale brownie that is somehow still quite
but does it make any sense that i would not put honey in my
chamomile tea to avoid the sugar of it but then proceed to
eat a brownie?
such is life, so is me.
the snow is so beautiful but im really glad that green lake
isnt frozen over yet. the snow really changes the whole
land up here. puts a new feeling in the air and makes it
appear to be a new place. i missed having real winters.
hopefully i wont get too tired of michigan after this one.

at the bank today i waited and held the door open for an
older woman walking behind me. she looked at me strangely
at first, then surprised at what i was doing. i know i
looked like such a little hippie today lol wearing my
orangeish snood. the truth is i was just having a bad hair

im looking forward to the holidays. mostly being free to
travel or spend time at home and really dedicate at least a
portion of the time to music. and hopefully mr. green.

armanian pop mix cd (courtesy katrina)
peter gabriel - so
arvo part - fratres

food: ( i havent read anything today so i shall fill space
with silliness )
orange juice
chamomile tea
artichoke salad
more chamomile tea
del monte banana
even more chamomile tea
chocolate brownie
still drinking tea...........