Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-08-25 11:07:53 (UTC)

ONe more bad entry for the..

ONe more bad entry for the night I just cant seem to get
the words together cant bring the feelings to the thoughts.

This is for my baby girl.

IM a sucker for her always have been. After the girl I
always write about the gril in my dream the first and only
real love Ive ever know. I just kinda smashed relationship
to relationship then I met her and
Nope not going to write this just going to say fuck I love
you girly you know me and I scarse back down from anything
I want. somday itll be me and you and will do it different
love real and Ill never forget how beautiful you are to me
and never let it slip away. fuck I cant even write this
I once wrote that we were probly headed for the whole my
best friends wedding
Fuck it Im done
With endless love and respect