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2002-12-03 20:18:42 (UTC)


the pussy who starts shit on the net and cant ssay
anything to my face...

ur realy dumb nd i c u evry day dumass evry day u r a
poser. all tht shit from hot topic that rel punk stor u no
u probly thik ur sum hot punk shit u fuckin loser nd u hav
th most annoyin high pitch screechy voic iv evr herd THATS
y i dot go up 2 u nd hav to look at ur disgustin face

yes i admit i do where that stupid hot topic shit,
i think its alright but i dont like it all that much if i
could id make my own cloths-and no i dont think im some
kind of hot topic shit. so if u dont wanna say anything to
my face at least tell me who u r. and i will also addmit i
have a squeeky high pitch voice (wen i scream) but anyway-
what grade r u in?

why the hell did u start shit
with me anyway??? i respect ppl who say stuff to my face
instead of behind my back (or on the internet)did i ever do
anything to u no. so instead of sayin stupid shit like "u
r ugly, ur disgusting" why dont u be mature and just come
up to me and say what u have to say cause its really stupid
to do it on the net-