Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-08-25 10:55:15 (UTC)

Fear of domestication!!! I..

Fear of domestication!!!
I never write about this and Ive finally started a peice to
captivate how all this works and it might be the first book
titled "welcome to the american dream"Its to long to even
start to break down but heres the latest thought its about
Its fucking sick its about the house in the burbs the 2.5
kids the mini van. Its just sick its about a man seeking
refuge in his garage or fixed up basement While his wife is
in the house pounding one more peice of cheesecake as if it
will sooth the pain of the lack of love they have for
eachother or itll mend her broken dreams.
Its the saddest story ever and its the twisted dream we
all seek some how.Chraming yes ,but twisted.
I see it all around me this story this happy tale where
everyones really just an actor playing the role happy house
whife who crys her self to sleep and the working man who
doesnt under stand anything about her anymore yet never asks
Heres to you MRS. ROBINSON

Theres so much more to this senero Im shure you know it
though if you dont just take a look around.
So heres where it leaves me I dont want it none of it.
I want love endless love somthing real somthing solid.
Im so scared of it this fake ass life they lead its also a
life stopper mabe thats it. Its like this I was breaking it
down the other day. Ive got cash skateboard money money for
tunes travel new toys all that.you add a kid into that
equation there it goes no more skate boards no more travel
its just crazy. Right now Im on my way to BMWs beach houses
drinking in the south of france, savana with baby girl.
You get caught the ring or a kid thats it say good night,.
No beach house no stewadresses no south of france. And alls
youve got left is regret. At this point its come to this if
some one Im sleeping with calls and starts getting all
freaky and starts saying somthing about hey remember that
one time we were, Im hoping she says STD not pregnet.
Heres whats also up with it Im starting to see it
everyday homeboys X girl friends everyone and Im thinking
Whao these people arnt smart enough to have kids and its
just sad to think about who their kids going to be somday
ignorant uncultured narrow minded. This has been a really
bad articulation of what Im getting at but it also stays in
the jornal. I looked at a baby today and thought he really
was the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen then some
sadness came over me and I gazed at his mom and even though
shes a good person, Hell never step foot in a musem probly
never know the smell of the ocean(no one in there family
has ever seen it,strange I know)probly never go to collage
probly not even a high school deploma, never see china town
or read books that shit just isnt importian in that family.
And this was the final strw the bad taste in my mouth
hell never know Sinatra.