Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2002-12-03 19:49:33 (UTC)


Last night Sonny and I didn't talk... which sucked. He
worked late and I had an awful headache. I woke up
around 12 15 and I tried to call him from then until one...
but the phone was busy ::cries:: I love him so much...
Sometimes I'm afraid he's either going to leave me or
my parents will find out and send me away.

Izzy will probably come to live with me. She and her dad
are having problems... like horrible ones Her parents
want to get her out of the house, and she wants to get
out of there ASAP. Last time this happened, she said,
she went to live with Phil in poverty. Now she wants to
make sure that she has somewhere to live where she
can keep attending school.

She even said that she could pay rent and buy her own
food. She also said she could pay a monthly rent to her
parents so that she could have her car so she could
drive to work and get money, and to drive us both to
school and from school so my mom doesn't have to do
it every day.

I hope my parents will let her because she needs
somewhere to stay otherwise she will prolly go to
Florida to live with her Grandmother... which I don't want
because I just round her and she's my best friend, and I
don't want my best friend to leave. Then I'll have no
good friends. I don't want that. It's happened before,
but that's not cool. I hate not having friends. It sucks
Well, I'm in class, and they're *trying* to block this site.
But I don't want to get suspended, so I'll write later.