~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-25 10:30:57 (UTC)


hey, well i just broke my thumb woo fucking hoo, man it
hurts. star is staying the next two nights, man my chest is
hurting again. ohh my song is on hold on a sec....ok
its "heres to the night" by eve 6 i love that song dont
know why but i do. well my thumb hurts so bad just form
useing my other fingers. man i wish the pain would just go
away. tommie and amie should get there letter tomorrow. im
hopeing they will write back. i dyed my hair
oh is my dad going to be pissed, but its pink pirple and
blue, it looks so cool. well got to go before i
dont fall asleep on this dame keybord alrighty then nighty
night everyone!!!!