Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-12-03 18:27:36 (UTC)

how sad

this diary is like a mood swing, with low's and high's.
so, i'm in nashville right now having early x-mas with my
in-laws. we shall open presents later. i work in atlanta
now and it seems pretty good. by the way, i'm a security
guard. i'm the toughest eva but i fly on delta for free
cuz of the job, so it's nice. i hate getting up early,
thats what i do almost everday. i'm talking like 4
something in the morning early. i don't know what else to
say, but thanks for loving and hating us. also, if you
write in this journal, write your freak'n name so we know
which band memeber it is. this is joel, this is joel.
allright, take care.
book-chronciles of narnia
movie-dog soldiers
music-guns n'roses
P.s. ladies write matt1 with love and pictures of
yourself. guys are welcomed to do the same. i know i will.