Malu Lani

Dear Diary
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2002-12-03 17:44:20 (UTC)

*cough cough*

Well it's been a while since the last time I've written and
I apologize. I've been pretty lazy lately. I'm sick now
though :( I got sick in Texas. The trip was a lot of
fun. Mom like Brad, she said she'd like him more if he got
a job, I didn't tell Brad that because I don't think he'd
appreciate it. He knows he needs a job and doesn't want to
be reminded. While we were there Brad and I went shooting
with Jim, that was Brads favorite part haha. Thanksgiving
dinner was great. Deep fried turkey....yum I'm so happy
that Brad got to be there and meet my family. Now it's my
turn to meet his family. We'll be in Kansas City from
December 22nd thru the 27th. I'm pretty scared of that.

I'm gonna go back to sleep though, I'm feeling pretty icky.

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