In the Life of ...
2002-12-03 17:28:37 (UTC)


An online diary... this is definately a first for me...
There are somemany things to talk about that I don't know
where to start. Some say that the beginning is always
best, but in that case I'll be here all day. So the basics
I guess... first to correct my self. I should keep in
mind that this is for myself and if the occaisional person
so happens to take a peek then that's that...boy do I ever
need to put things into perspective. Lets see, I have a
steady job, no girlfriend and not much of a life... things
seem to be getting off to an interesting start. I hope to
go to university for the spring semester in english but so
far the registration package that I asked for as not
arrived and time is running out. Boy, I remember having a
lot to write about, but now zip, nothing, nada, zero. oh

Carpe Diem