Squeeb's world
2002-12-03 16:51:33 (UTC)

November 2001 revisited

Seriously this better not be an annual occurrence. I hated
last November so much. I was so depressed. Well last week I
was like that too but I am chaulking that up to hormones.
Because I was PMSing like crazy but anyways I was on my bed
rocking back and forth crying and sobbing "I want to go
home" Yes, I know I'm technically at "home" but I MEANT
Peterborough. I miss Peterborough and my independence and I
hate the fact that I am like a financial burden to my
parents. I just wish I could find a full time job so I could
get out on my own and start paying my own bills so they
don't have to. I mean they have the extra expenses from Mom
being sick and then last Monday I put the car in the rhubarb
and THAT cost $500 to fix. Lovely. Anyhoo. Well I'm tired so
I think I'm gonna have a nap.

Current mood: exhausted
Current music: "Hey Mickey"...