Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
2001-08-25 07:40:07 (UTC)


Dear diary,
Hello!!! Well everything today went pretty well,
it probably could have been better though. I went w/
Amanda to the movie's and we saw *Summer Catch*, it was
pretty good, but I guess I was expecting more out of it.
Well I have been having pretty bad feelings about
me and J'son, we havent talked in awhile, which is wierd
cus we talk like everyday. I really dont want to lose him,
but I dont know if he feels the same way, we have had a
relationship for over a year and it wasnt just a BF GF
relationship, we were friends way before that. Well
hopefully we will talk soon.
I have a situation, well not a situation more of
a, well I'm not really sure what to call it. Okay I have a
really good friend, and his name is Fernando, we have a
really wierd friendship. I dont know if he feels like that
but I do. We have the same friends, and everything, but
concidering we dated before and had feeling that were more
then just friends, makes me scared that I might want us to
be more then just friends again. I feel pretty stupid
sayig that, cus he has a GF and I have a BF. I really
doubt any thing between us would change, cus I'm not really
sure if we would want it to. But who knows what will
happen in the future, not even god knows I think sometimes.
Well thats all until tomorrow so buh bye and good night!

- love shelley