§îr §wèét§hâÐów_GMT

alyrra's Master
2001-08-25 07:39:39 (UTC)


Hi there. This is My diary.

I am Robert, though I am known online as Sir
SweetShaDow_GMT. I am the owner/Master/lover of alyrra,
who has a diary elsewhere in this sector.

I will be using this diary mostly to respond to aly's
diary, since, as her Owner, I need to be responsive to her.

aly, love. you are forgiven for calling in at work. I'm
close to getting into trouble at work Myself because I
spend too much time online, and have been arriving late to

So, aly, when I tell you My schedule, help Me keep it, and
kick Me offline when I have to go to work,

Your Master,
Sir Sweet

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