Jena's Rants
2001-08-25 07:11:56 (UTC)

the brighter side of suicide

If I Were To Write A Suicide Letter Here Is What It Would
by Michaelle

Please refrain from any type of sorrow,
If you feel like crying save the tears for tomorrow.
I made the decision to end my life for no particular reason
None at all, I just got tired of living.
That's all.
Life lost its flavor to me,
everything started looking so bland.
It felt so pointless living in a world smeared with bullshit
Everywhere I walked I'd be steppin' in it.
I feel that for myself death will be better than life,
suffocation better than breathe..
I'm just tired of being ethical in a completely unethical
I'm tired of being told to take the straight path
when I'm the most crooked person I know.
I no longer want to live in a world where I'm afraid to
love who
I choose to love.
I'm no longer interested in a world where war of skin color
is a bigger
battle then WWI and WWII put together.
I refuse to live in a world where trees are illegal and
aren't--An herbal essence
A pile of toxic shit.
I refuse to live in a world where the presidents oral
recreation is a
bigger deal then the poverty laying less then 420 ft. from
the white house itself.
A world where millions & millions of dollars are shredded
on a daily
basis-now tell me what kind of sense does that make?
A world where hate has become the basis for living,
a place where happiness no longer exist.
I can no longer live to die
I'd rather just not live at all
With death I'm looking for a sounder way of living
Be glad for me because I am no longer suffering-
Be glad for me I have found complete peace by now.
Live on and live strong
Let bravery stand across your chest since it missed mine
Wipe your tears,
I'm dead,it's over. I have no fears.