~My own thoughts~
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2002-12-03 13:09:21 (UTC)

Just a thought

In the real world
As in dreams
Nothing is quite
What it seems.

What is a dream?

Uninhibited reality?

Within the bounds of my mind, i can not apply it in a
pracital relevence, however, the result of such the
phenomenon is paralizing. Each morning i wake to the same
sweat, the same fear, and the same anger. Such
subconceious thoughts are overbearing, un-nerving.

Slowly I drift to sleep, calm, silent, and still, only to
soon be awakened by noise....A calm scurring of people. A
city that never sleeps I am surrounded in. The people are
smiling, carrying on their seemingly simple lives, un-
noticing to the dread about to be unleashed upon myself.

On bended knee i sit, sharp blade in hand, staring,
looking, hopeful for the sudden end of life's torments.
With tears in my eyes, I slit the tender flesh of my
wrists. Slowly, the blood seeps from the wounds. I close
my eyes, and feel.

I reopen them to find a single soul uncaring. They move,
carrying on their own lives, intolerant to the sorrow of

I sit, I bleed, I die.

I then awaken.

I don't know what this means. Ive been told that dreams
are subconcious reality. I hope not. I have much to live
for, but almost feel that slipping.

Hope is not lost, my spirit remains. For i am strong, i
will not subject myself to believe a false truth.

"The world is better without me"


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