2001-08-25 06:54:45 (UTC)

Entry #1

Well , this is certainly different to me, Grown man writing
thoughts.But, In some weird way I feel drawn to do so.
After reading only one entry on this diary page , I felt
compelled to start My own. I am thinking this will relive
My own demons, Get the monkey off the back sorta speak.
Will it work? I dunno. Its been a god awful 2 weeks, I'm
dealing with the loss of a girl friend who really played my
inner emotions. First month of going out with her I thought
this may be the one~, But instead of that She dumped Me
with out thought or consideration. I refuse to call her
names. In stead I abuse My own emotions by thinking this is
just a spell of hers. I'm lieing to My self and continue
too.....I'm a total fool! Am I that in love? What a dumb
S**t I am!.....I can't belive I still think she wants to be
with me! Bad thing is there's a girl who I think really
does like me, WANTS to be with me, But she is a Big Bible
Thumper now. Trade a little religon for happiness?? Is it
worth it? Im so tired of being alone.............We will