Jena's Rants
2001-08-25 06:48:46 (UTC)

send in the motherfucking clowns, already! sheesh!

so what the fuck is wrong with me? i am pleading temporary
insanity because with the way my attitude has been coupled
with the way i have been feeling, well let's say that i am
not feeling like a nice cheerful lovey kinda jena here.
perhaps more like the kind that would love to kick in your
face with cleets. i have no single source or cause for my
anger, so i natuarally blame all. so be prepared you
fucked up dwellers in this cesspool of excess and and late
night fast food windows, i am here to set the standard.
no, it will not be based upon aspects and characteristics
of me, idiot! Hell, i may not even make the cut myself!