down in my eyes
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2002-12-03 11:44:23 (UTC)

where the heart is.

"Sometimes I wonder what's going thru your head.."

I dunno who it's by, but that's what i heard just now.
I just updated myself on gernez's diary, 'n i
accidently heard her song for the first time.

I'm so sad, tired, hungry, 'n empty, all packed into one.

My dad's sleeping, right now. I think his girlfriend's
here, but, once again, he tried to sneak her in without
my knowing. I Hate it when he does that. 'N he tries
to cover up her presence, by standing in my doorway,
talken to me, while she slips quietly into his room.
I wouldn't mind if he just told me straite up.
But why does he have to hide it, anyway? Blah. O well.

& on a even sadder note, Jesica told me she's moving
away (from me) to Denver, Colorado in a few months.
Why did one of my favorite people have to make me feel
so horrible?

It makes me want to cry soo badly... but i can't stop
her from doing it. & it's better off that i let her
go where her heart is....

"My friend, I've fallen down..
Where are you? I need you,
You still have my heart."