CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-08-25 05:39:23 (UTC)


Ok tonight or last night however u wanna look at it cuz
its 12:30 a.m. Saturday mornin but its still night whatever
but tonight me, this guy Baker,Krista (Baker and Krista
like each other) , and Ben the guy I wrote about before...
We all went out to see American Pie 2. Like everyone from
school was there it was crazy! But their all preps and eeww
I hate preps!! So any hoo I went to go see this movie with
them and at first it was supposed to me just me, Krista,
and Ben but then we went over to this guy Terry's house and
then Krista was all like can Baker come?!?! Please, but god
I didn't want him 2!! Not that I don't like him it's just
that I feel like left out Ben probally does too though. Cuz
since they like each other they had to sit by each other
and they were all like flirtin and I have no guy!! I mean
their Ben but never ever would I look at Ben as more than
just a friend! EVER!! So I'm all left out and everything!It
sucks ass!! So anyways on the way home I was gunna turn
around to talk 2 Krista cuz as u know of course Baker and
Krista had 2 be in the back together!! Not that I mind bein
up front but she has 2 boyfriends and now shes all messin
with this Baker guy!! It's just like dude! One b/f is from
where she works and ones at school and Baker might already
know shes going out with Jeremy I dunno I didn't like want
to turn around and ask her that right there in the car!! So
that kinda thing it pisses me off me does that! But it was
sweet on the way home Ben was like drivin almost 100 mph!!
I was just like whoa speedy slow down there! I guess thats
about it for tonight I'll w/b later!