"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2002-12-03 08:20:08 (UTC)

After reading Mandy's entry

I am a compassionate person down inside. Ive been told i
have a heart of Gold, and it takes those certain people to
really make me realize these things. On the outside
looking in. Upon reading this great story, i now know that
much more about her. She truly is a good person, and a
dear friend. Sometimes i wonder about her, with as far as
some of her decisions, but not one of us does make all
good decisions. I sure would like to see her drift away
from B-RICK. I now know more than ever that he is a
dirtbag that does not deserve a great girl like Mandy. As
i write this mandy told me to drink warm milk, and now i
think its working. I pray for mandy almost everynight and
whenever i think of her. She has a few yrs to go to be
totaly on her own, but shes doin fine. I am sry for the
things that she has gone thro, and i see things around me
that disgust me. Divorce that involves the kids is
terrible. I hate it, im soo glad ive never experienced
that. I hope she moves back to denver soon so she can be
healed. Her mom will take her in im sure. I will miss her,
even tho sometimes i dont see as much of her as i
sometimes like to. I know her well enough that she is a
great friend, that would not betray me, and i know shes
there even when we have not talked for a time. I will
write an entry about myself later on down the road. For
the most part, i will write about mandy thro my eyes.