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2001-08-25 05:35:50 (UTC)


Well I guess Jeff is ok. But tonite I went out with Mike to
a Drive in movie. It was fun to say the least. We had a
blast. And the Kisses were great fun. He knows my spot. It
wasn't fair. Then he made the rule that he could tickle me
but I couldn't tickle him. I didn't think that that was
fair but I also dragged him out and made him watch the
movies. It was fun don't let him kid ya. Now nobody really
knows about Mike. Even Jess. And I am sorry about that
Jess. I will tell you about him when you come down. It will
be fun. Anyway. Mike is freshman at IUPUI and is still
living with his parents. Wich is good because my mom
doesn't like the whole idea of me dating someone who lives
out on there own. But when he does get out on his own I
can't wait. My mom likes Mike though so I don't know that
it is going to be a big deal. And Mike respects me. Which
is a very good thing. The reason I say Jeff is ok is
because I went and saw him tonight. After Mike drop me off.
Which was cool Mike needed to get home to go to bed because
he had to be at work at like 7:40. So he would have to get
up at like 6 and he wanted to get some sleep. So he drop me
off at like 11:00 so I went over to Jeff's and we talked
and I yelled at him and he gave me kiss goodnight. (he
suprised me). So right now I guess he is ok. For right now.

well I am off goodnight.