The Wait For True Love
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2002-12-03 07:30:25 (UTC)

getting the party started....

Man in less than 3 weeks i'll be home with my family and
friends and my own room I can hardly wait. And to
celebrate, I'm gonna throw a fucking huge ass party. So even
though the party is like a month away, I already got to work
with the music play list. The party is gonna be off the
chain. I hope it doesn't get screwed up or anything cuz im
planning on putting a lot into it.

But anywayz there will be more about the party later. Just
wanted to let u in on it for now. And yup u guessed it I
still don't have a man But i'm trying not to think about
that right now.

Turkey break was awesome. I got high so many times it was
crazy. Pretty much every night of the break except saturday
night. And I still have some left over. I might save it for
a special occasion or something i don't know.

Oh well i guess thats enough for now cuz its 2:30 in the
morning and im pretty sleepy so nighty night


10 p.m. January 11, 2002

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