Thoughts of a Hidden Heart
2001-08-25 05:22:46 (UTC)

Was it me.. Can I believe.. Answers are among us

Oh man.. I went out tongiht with Becky.. My brother and
Laurie joined us.. She ignored me the whole night even
thought I was informed by Laurie she constantly checked me
out and made sure I was there.. I guess I'm among the
game.. I hate this part.. Why do they all have to play..
My heart just can't take this.. I tried to call her when I
got home.. she wasn't there of course.. they had to take
all the other girls home too.. I know she has caller ID so
I'm gonna look like a fool for calling at 1:15 AM..

Oh well.. I guess I blew another one..

HOLD ON.. DIARY BREAK.. I just made an AWESOME Shot into
the garbarge can.. it was a Bank shot and a Swish.. I am
Da Man!!!.. hahaha..

Anyways back to what I was sayin.. Oh ya.. Jim (my
brother) and Laurie got me a bunch of clothes for my
birthday.. I was so excited.. I know this is weird but I
love clothes especially when people buy them for me.. I
guess I have my Mom to blame for that..

Ok.. I'm trying Becky again.. cross you fingers.. Ill be
right back.. Geez.. I'm pathetic..

Alright.. now I just fell into the LOSER bracket.. are all
guys like this.. most just don't care.. why did I get such
a big heart.. most would think it was a blessing.. I say
it's a tragedy..

alright.. well I'm going with my brother to the Swap Shop
tomorrow.. we are going at 10.. so I'm excited.. it's just
him and I..

I have to write about the physics book I've been reading
and some ideas I have but that will be next edition.. right
now it's just a Deteriation Non-Sober Boy speakin and I
have to find the Bed..

After Looking I only Break the Mirror...