Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-12-03 06:55:53 (UTC)

I thought I would write you all..

I thought I would write you all and tell you things are
great between me and my man. We worked everything out after
a phone convo of yelling and then joking and laughing
fallowed by I love you and click (lol) and today was
really good too. I am so happy we worked everything out. It
was a sad sad couple of days without talking to him or
hours... whichever (lol)
On a very different note, Heather and I talked (you know
the ex friend I talked about) well we talked, it was a
friendly little conversation. I thought it made both of us
feel a little better, you know what I mean. Just forgeting
about everything that happened for a little bit and talk
about old and new stuff... not really old but new stuff.
Remembering the old would have just hurt both of us, well
me at least. She wrote a poem, it is happy and then sad, it
almost made me cry. I am not sure of anything anymore.
Since I used to be so sure we would be friends forever I
kinda of lost hope for anything good to come later. I kinda
lost grip on all the things I said would last forever. I
dont know, it is probably stupid as hell but I kinda feel
like that. Like since I fucked up my best friendship that I
will fuck everything else up and just be alone for the rest
of my life. Kinda sad, but I guess that is just what I am.
Well this is long enough, I gotta get some sleep for *gets
scared* school tomorrow AHHHHHH
Love yall

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