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2002-12-03 05:26:46 (UTC)

"Just Me & My Boyfriend..."

Hey Diary As you may have already figured out from the
titulo, Dexter asked me out on the 21st of November. Isn't
that cute? Yeah....whatever He's not the cutest guy in the
world, but he's decent, he makes me laugh, and he's a good
person. My New Year Resolution is to not be as shallow as I
was before. That's a good one, right? Well, it's starting a
month earlier than usual. On Saturday I went to his house
and I stayed there until 1:30 AM. We were just
watching "All About The Benjamins" and this one DVD that he
had of some people racing across the country in some raced
out cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Beemers...cars like
that. The movie was boring as hell, but the cars were
tight. Yesterday, he came to return my DVD and Lyno and his
people were outside. On his ay walking home he stopped and
talked to them. You know Lyno...always talking to the guys
I talk to. Anyway...I think I'm going to call Dexer and try
to see what they were talking about. I'mma holla at you
later, pimpin'..